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Test & Learn Analytics

Test before you execute! Powered by AI/ML.

New in-market initiatives have tremendous upside, but also have the potential to carry a high risk of failure. Therefore, it is important to understand effectiveness on a smaller, more cost-effective scale in order to predict consumer & retail response at a national level. Test & Learn utilizes a matched panel methodology to generate a comprehensive analysis and make more informed decisions.

Analytic Edge’s Test & Learn tool uses a proprietary algorithm to identify a Control panel of stores/markets that are similar to Test stores/markets. A Control panel is used to account for inherent trends and other extraneous factors and help isolate the impact of the test treatment/intervention. Upon completion of the desired treatment (marketing, merchandising, retail coverage, etc.) in the Test panel, the tool provides an automated analysis to determine if the results are statistically significant. The results of the analysis can influence decisions on whether or not there should be wider roll-out.


  • Desktop tool
  • Easy to use
  • Proprietary panel matching algorithm
  • Automated statistical analysis
  • Speedy Insights

How it Works

Data Input

Load historical sales data at store/market level in tool


Tool identifies Test and Control panel of stores/markets


Execute the treatment in the Test panel stores/markets


Load sales data during the treatment period for Test and Control panel


Tool determines if the sales change due to treatment was statistically significant


Analyze actual and not claimed behavior
Test outcome before wider adoption
Avoid costly mistakes