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Sales Analytics

Drive consumer demand by optimizing the 4Ps of marketing and generate accurate sales forecast to make informed business decisions

Pricing Strategy

Unlock growth by making well informed pricing decisions
  • Price Elasticity
  • Price Gap Elasticity
  • Price Thresholds
  • Price Architecture

Sales Forecasting

Generate accurate sales forecasts for better inventory management and future opportunity/risk assessment
  • Volume forecast
  • Share forecast
  • Category forecast

Assortment Optimization

Use analytics to optimize which products to offer and in what quantities
  • Assortment Depth
  • Cannibalization effects
  • Micro and Macro level optimization

Promotion Effectiveness

Optimize trade budget by measuring the sales impact of each promotion activity
  • Price Promotion Elasticity
  • Trade Lifts
  • Point of Sales Materials Effectiveness

In-Market Testing

Test whether a particular change or intervention delivers the desired result before rolling it out broadly
  • Design of Experiment
  • Randomized Testing
  • Identify Control Group
  • Statistical Validation