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Loyalty Analytics

Get a 360o view of your customer

A one-stop loyalty and customer analytics suite to understand customer migration, loyalty and lifetime value.
The modules include:

  • Loyalty Dashboard – A powerful scorecard and tracking system that manages your loyalty program and integrates it with your internal systems. It provides up-to-date analysis of sales and loyalty management and provides significant value when analyzed
  • Customer Segmentation – based on several criteria – product usage, profitability, potential to respond to offers, potential overall value to the organization
  • Attrition Modeling – Helps understand the attrition pattern of each customer and group of customers. The tool analyzes transactional behavior and uses sophisticated algorithms to assign probabilities for customer churn so that proactive measures can be taken to retain them
  • Lifetime Value – Estimates future value of a customer / group of customers within a defined cluster and assigns budgets to each cluster based on the profit potential. Can be used extensively as a planning tool


  • Desktop tool
  • Easy to use
  • Proprietary machine learning algorithms
  • Automated analytics engine to crunch huge amounts of data
  • Speedy insights

How it Works

Select Module

Select a module based on business objectives

Load Data

Load transaction data into tool


Use embedded analytics engine to measure loyalty


Generate reports to monitor and track loyalty


Devise cost-effective targeting programs
Enhance loyalty of your customers
Increase revenues with customer-centric strategies