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Cross Media Attribution

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A beverage manufacturer wanted to accurately attribute the sales impact of each marketing and trade activity taking into consideration both direct and indirect effects, particularly for digital media

APPROACH: Developed attribution model using econometric modeling techniques and identified direct and indirect path to sales

: Identified most effective marketing channels and quantified ROI after taking into account the direct and indirect effects of each activity

Digital Effectiveness

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: An online music streaming service wanted to measure effectiveness of digital media activities and understand how it drives short-term and long-term customer acquisition. In particular, they were looking to optimize paid digital media to increasing customer interaction with their app

APPROACH: Econometric models were developed to identify short-term and long-term impact of digital media. Analysis further used machine-learning based digital attribution models to identify the optimal path for driving app downloads

BUSINESS IMPACT: Client utilized their digital spend more effectively in targeting customers

Brand Equity Drivers

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A leading automobile manufacturer wanted to investigate relationship between brand equity and growth in “core” sales and measure the long term effect of brand equity

APPROACH: Integrated brand equity survey data in a marketing mix model to identify sales driven by brand equity. Developed a second-stage model with brand equity driven sales as a function of top of mind awareness and living standards factors

BUSINESS IMPACT: Isolated the impact of brand equity on sales and provided client deeper insights into the health of their brands.

Marketing Spend Optimization

BUSINESS ISSUE: A Fortune 100 CPG manufacturer wanted to measure the ROI of their marketing activities for key brands in their portfolio and were seeking insights to help optimize allocation of media and trade budget

APPROACH: Marketing mix modeling analysis to measure the impact of advertising, promotion and trade activities on sales including effectiveness and ROI of various tactics.

BUSINESS IMPACT: The insights are an integral part of Client’s planning process, helping brand teams make decisions on how much to spend on each marketing activity and which campaigns or tactics to prioritize. The insights are leveraged for YTD diagnosis and TYG Planning.

Website And Mobile Analytics Concept

Skills to look for while hiring analytics talent

Analytics Brand

Two decades back, buzz word in the industry was to collect and store data to ensure valuable information is not undermined. However, today industry is seeing a paradigm shift of generating valuable insights from the stored data. The word “Analytics” is gaining prominence worldwide and experts are working hard to provide precise definition to this brand name. It is the process of breaking a problem into simpler parts, using the available data to solve these problems and finally acting on the insights generated to make business decisions. It is not a tool or a technology; is a way of thinking and acting. Every industry needs analytics right from collecting information, rationalizing the storage of valuable informa...

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