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In-Market Testing

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A QSR client wanted to understand the effect of a new promotion strategy to drive sales of a specific item on the menu before a national roll-out.

APPROACH: Created mutually exclusive test and control groups using a proprietary matching algorithm and used a statistical methodology to evaluate impact of the new promotion strategy.

BUSINESS IMPACT: The insights from the analysis enabled the Client to make a decision to roll out the promotion strategy across all their stores nationally.

Assortment Optimization

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A retailer wanted to understand the relationship between product attributes and sales in the category to identify the products that were most incremental to the category

APPROACH: Developed a consumer choice model on panel data and quantified the impact of each product attribute on sales while controlling for short-term marketing effects

: Identified the most important product attributes in the purchase decision and provided insights on optimal assortment and shelf space allocation based on incrementaility to the category

Sales Forecasting

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A QSR client lacked robust forecasting system to handle varying demand patterns such as higher sales during weekends and an overall declining sales trend

APPROACH: Developed a forecasting tool using cutting-edge techniques which analyzed continuous & intermittent demand patterns to generate accurate forecasts

BUSINESS IMPACT: Client was able to reduce on-hand inventory and increase inventory turns. Generated a KPI Dashboard for weekly review process which led to reduction in inventory cost and better space management.

Pricing Strategy

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A retailer wanted to measure the impact of pricing and discounting on sales of brands across several categories to drive growth of their Private Label brands APPROACH: Developed econometric models to quantify the effect of price changes and discounting on their private label brands and other branded products. Machine learning algorithms were also developed to embed continuous learning from different pricing activities BUSINESS IMPACT: Retailer gained insight into price sensitivity of their Private Label brands and other branded products across several categories. The insights were used to predict the volume impact of everyday price changes, allocate shelf space ...

Cross Media Attribution

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A beverage manufacturer wanted to accurately attribute the sales impact of each marketing and trade activity taking into consideration both direct and indirect effects, particularly for digital media

APPROACH: Developed attribution model using econometric modeling techniques and identified direct and indirect path to sales

: Identified most effective marketing channels and quantified ROI after taking into account the direct and indirect effects of each activity

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