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Customer Retention

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A retailer wanted to identify shoppers who are most likely to switch to competitive retailer and also understand the triggers of switch so that they can pro-actively retain the high risk customers through marketing communications APPROACH: Developed customer value segments from purchase data and then developed a propensity model on POS and loyalty card data to identify the customers who are most likely to migrate from higher value segments to the lower value segments, and, therefore have the highest the risk of attrition BUSINESS IMPACT: This analysis enabled the retailer to identify customers with the highest probability of attrition and reduced targeting campaig...

Customer Growth

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A retailer wanted to develop a scoring algorithm to identify customers who have a higher propensity to buy from among dormant accounts for effective targeting

APPROACH: Developed algorithm using propensity modeling, scored loyalty members on propensity to buy and selected those who have the highest propensity to become frequent shoppers

BUSINESS IMPACT: Reduced direct mail campaign costs by targeting customers more likely to become frequent shoppers rather than mailing all customers

Customer Acquisition

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A retailer wanted to use POS data to determine which items have a higher propensity to attract shoppers to the store and also identify which households have the highest propensity to convert into frequent shoppers.

APPROACH: Integrated POS data with variables such as loyalty index and store ratio and then developed propensity models for customer acquisition

BUSINESS IMPACT: Client leveraged insights to design cost effective and efficient campaigns for customer acquisition..

Customer Segmentation

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A QSR client that did not have a loyalty program wanted to better understand purchase behavior their customers to inform targeting strategies- who are my shoppers, what they buy and don’t buy, why and when they buy, etc.?

APPROACH: Analysis entailed creating unique IDs from masked credit cards of their shoppers and used sales data, retail demographics, macro-economics, promotion and marketing data to derive Behavioral segments. Developed a Shopper insights tool that was hosted at Corporate HQ and leveraged by individual outlets.

BUSINESS IMPACT: Informed targeting strategies at the individual outlet level

In-Market Testing

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A QSR client wanted to understand the effect of a new promotion strategy to drive sales of a specific item on the menu before a national roll-out.

APPROACH: Created mutually exclusive test and control groups using a proprietary matching algorithm and used a statistical methodology to evaluate impact of the new promotion strategy.

BUSINESS IMPACT: The insights from the analysis enabled the Client to make a decision to roll out the promotion strategy across all their stores nationally.

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