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Business Challenge: A CPG manufacturer wanted to integrate data from different sources and provide reports via a web based tool to the Sales & Marketing team to be able to track and analyze sales performance of products and brands.

Approach: Developed a reporting and visualization application for custom and dynamic reports. Provided functionality of save reports and export data into excel for easy manipulation..

Business Impact: Sales & Marketing team was able to track and analyze the performance of different products & brands as well as save and print the report for use in Management meetings

Data Integration

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A CPG manufacturer needed to integrate, align and provide robust reporting capability for real time analysis. They had multiple, disparate data sources, with different definitions for product, geography and channel. Manual efforts to align resulted in substantial work with significant accuracy issues

: Automated the data integration process. Reporting application was configured to specific client needs and scalable for future sources or business use.

BUSINESS IMPACT: 10X time and labor savings vs. manual processes. Ongoing QA reduced reporting errors to < 0.5%. Data available within hours of release vs. days in the manual process.

Inventory Optimization and Obsolescence Mgmt

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A Retailer was seeking to reduce the size of inventory, reduce ordering costs and prevent Out of Stock

APPROACH: Developed a replenishment model taking into consideration factors like space availability, inventory carrying capacity, cost etc.) and deployed an inventory optimizer tool.

BUSINESS IMPACT: Reduced ordering and inventory costs and minimized stock-outs. Also, reduced the administration burden and improved manufacturer and customer satisfaction levels

Travel Expense Forecasting

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A CPG manufacturer wanted to leverage their Travel expense reporting system to forecast travel expenses based on historical and known events as well as understand key drivers of change in travel expenses quarter on quarter.

APPROACH: Integrated internal data (expenses by type/unit, etc.) and external data (economic indicators) and developed robust forecasting models at business unit level

BUSINESS IMPACT: Improved budgeting process by providing visibility into forecasted unit level travel expenses during each quarter and gaining insights into key drivers of these expenses

Employee Satisfaction Analysis

BUSINESS CHALLENGE: A technology company was seeking answers to the following questions – What is my overall employee satisfaction score? Which departments are more satisfied and what are the significant drivers of satisfaction? Is there a correlation between staff satisfaction and sales?

: Developed econometric models using data from employee satisfaction surveys to identify factors that drive satisfaction and the correlation with sales

BUSINESS IMPACT: Client enhanced their employee satisfaction by focusing on critical factors that drive employee satisfaction and this resulted in higher retention and productivity

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