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Leverage Analytics to Test Before You Execute

Companies must constantly innovate with new products and services, new marketing strategies and tactics, and new communications and messaging in order to address and stay ahead of evolving market conditions, changing customer preferences and competition. These new in-market initiatives such as changes in products, pricing, discounts, merchandizing, channels, marketing creatives and messages have the potential to significantly improve business performance by driving revenues and growth. However, two important considerations must be kept in mind before moving ahead with new initiatives. First, in many organizations, decisions on new marketing initiatives are often captive to internal opinion, intuition or “gut-feel” and may not actually r...

‘Always On’ Marketing Analytics for Your Business

In part 3 of our series on In-House Marketing Effectiveness Measurement, we discuss how marketing analytics platforms can be used by different kinds of organizations to streamline their marketing effectiveness and ROI measurement.   Missed the previous part of the series? Read Part 2: Building an In-House Marketing ROI Program   Different advertisers have different needs, and different decision-making cultures. Some rely on internal expertise and capabilities to analyze and guide their marketing investments. Others use outside...

Why Finance Decision-Makers Should Take a Closer Look at Marketing Mix Modeling

“Marketing is more of an art than a science.”   “Marketing spend is an expense, not an investment.”   If these sentiments sound familiar, rest assured you are not alone. While marketing is often one of the larger components of a company’s overall budget, it is also sometimes the least understood outside of the marketing function. As a member of your company’s finance leadership team responsible for major financial decisions across the company, you possess a good understanding of other functions such as operations, supply chain, manufacturing or procurement. You ...



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1- Go to Admin Panel click on Pages from left sidebar. 2- You will see all the pages inside the panel and also you will see Add New button on the top inside the panel, click on it. 3- After that you will get an input to add Title to the page and you will get an editor to put your content like Heading, paragraph, images etc

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