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Demand Drivers

An AI/ML based marketing mix platform for measuring the ROI of your marketing activities

Although marketing expenditures are often a very large part of an organization’s budget, they remain the least understood component of the overall budget. Long time ago, marketing was looked upon more as an art than science and marketing expenditure was justified as a necessary cost of doing business. However, companies have now become more cautious and operate more efficiently. While overall marketing expenditures have continued to rise, marketing is now looked upon as a planned investment rather than an indispensible cost of business and returns are expected from marketing expenditure just as for any investment. There is now a greater scrutiny on marketing expenditure and greater demand for accountability.

Companies often struggle to achieve a balance between marketing spend across different vehicles such as Media, Trade, Consumer Promotions and ROI generated by them. Marketing Mix analysis can help companies realize 10% top line growth through more efficient and effective marketing spending.

Demand Drivers is a cloud-based platform for the development of rapid marketing mix models and includes simulation & forecasting modules for business planning.


  • Cloud-based DIY (Do it Yourself) tool
  • Easy to use – you don’t have to be a data scientist!
  • Not a black box – full visibility into models and output
  • Automation provides cost-efficiency and speed to insight
  • Customizable reports and modeling algorithms
  • Ideal for ongoing marketing effectiveness tracking

How it Works

Data Input

Load integrated data, classify data

Data Review

Generate reports for data review (Sales Trends, Media, Trade & Price diagnostics)


In-built variable transformation and multiple functional forms


Standard marketing mix output – Contributions, Due-To, Effectiveness, ROI, Lifts, Elasticity, Media response curves


What-if scenarios and optimization


Brand Forecasting and Variance analysis


Marketing financial returns improve substantially with a greater understanding of effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI).
On-going integration of data in platform provides quicker access to insights and helps more-informed decision making.
Automation in platform provides cost-efficiency and enables companies to scale marketing mix analytics across more brands and markets.