Data visualization in marketing analytics is the representation of the results from analytics in graphs, charts and other visual formats that make it easy to identify trends, patterns and clear actionable insights for marketers. A data visualization dashboard is a single unified interface that compiles and visually presents the most critical metrics and performance indicators that marketers need to track in order to make data-driven decisions.


Analytic Edge’s Knowledge Hub is a data visualization dashboard solution that provides a dynamic and interactive front-end interface for marketing decision-makers. It goes beyond mere descriptive analytics visualization and provides critical diagnostic as well as prescriptive analytics. This means it helps marketers understand not just what happened, but more importantly why it happened and the implications for future planning and budgeting.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Customized Client-Centric Approach & Design: Analytic Edge follows a rigorous approach to develop customized dashboards focused around the specific needs of clients. The approach involves business requirements gathering, data and technology due diligence, the conceptualization of story-board and visualization, wireframe development and finally dashboard development. This ensures that the dashboard provides all the specific critical information that decision-makers at each client need.


  • Real-Time & Interactive Dashboard: Knowledge Hub provides real-time information on key questions posed by CXOs. It develops predictive models at the brand or portfolio level that feed as assumptions into the prescriptive analytics dashboard to generate directional insights for planning.