Companies today have a vast amount of data available to help them analyze and optimize their business performance. While it is a valuable resource for companies and brands, managing it effectively requires having a robust solution and reliable processes to extract, transform, cleanse and load data for analytics. However, this is easier said than done for a number of reasons. First, marketers purchase third-party data from multiple vendors in multiple formats, and also generate substantial volumes of internal data. Second, there is a substantial amount of complexity associated with transforming disparate data into a continuous, actionable flow of marketing intelligence. Finally, efficient and effective data integration requires automation and data domain expertise, starting from the business solutions to be addressed.

Analytic Edge’s Data Management solution helps companies overcome these challenges. It is focused on data integration for driving marketing analytics and offers a structured process for end-to-end data management requirements.



Key Features & Benefits

  • Structured End-to-End Data Management: Offers a structured process for collection, validation, quality control and integration of data. Manages coordination with data source owners for timely ETL and development and ongoing maintenance of mapping tables.
  • Flexible Solution: Offers expertise in both continuous and project-based data integration for analysis and reporting applications. Relational datasets/OLAP cubes are built for all analytic projects.
  • Flexible Models: Analytic Edge also offers multi-year database integration and management and flexible hosting including vendor based, client based, or shared hosting options.
  • Data Agnostic Solution: The solution has no biases for one data provider or another and has a successful track record working with multiple providers.