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Customer Analytics Solutions

Acquire new customers, grow customer lifetime value, retain customers at risk of defection and enhance loyalty and advocacy

Customer Segmentation

Identify key customer segments for targeted communication
  • Behavioral segments using transaction data
  • Attitudes & Lifestyles segments using survey data
  • Append Behavioral, Attitudes & Lifestyles segments to customer database

Customer Growth

Drive incremental revenues efficiently by up-selling and cross-selling to the right customers
  • Who has stretch potential?
  • Who to target?
  • With what to target?

Customer Acquisition

Acquire new customers efficiently by targeting the right prospects
  • Who to target?
  • With what to target?
  • Which campaigns to use?

Customer Retention

Protect revenues efficiently by targeting customers likely to churn
  • Who will churn (or default)?
  • When will they churn (or default)?
  • Whom should I retain (Lifetime Value)?