CPG Analytics Solution

Leverage marketing analytics to succeed in the CPG industry

Large Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies today face a number of challenges – evolving demographics; changing consumer trends, shopping habits and preferences; impact of technology on shopping behaviour; and competition from niche players as well as traditional and online retailers. To succeed in this challenging environment, CPG companies must leverage the power of CPG analytics to enable data-driven and informed decision making at every stage of their marketing and sales planning and execution.

Analytic Edge’s comprehensive CPG Analytics solution gathers and analyses data from multiple sources across the CPG value chain and ecosystem to provide companies with real-time actionable insights that power growth and help outperform the competition. The solution comprises a set of modules that holistically addresses every aspect of CPG marketing and sales.

  • Data Management – This enables capture and input of data from various sources across the CPG value chain including companies’ own data as well as from suppliers, distributors, retailers and other partners. The module leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies to ensure quality control of data and catch incorrect data and outliers.
  • Pricing Analytics – This analyses the impact of different pricing and discounting strategies on different products and provides insights into the optimal pricing strategies to be deployed at various levels – region level, store level, SKU level or even customer level.
  • Trade Promotion Analytics – Trade promotions are a significant investment in CPG, with many companies typically spending in excess of 20% of their budgets on this alone. It is therefore critical to make the right decisions that trigger desired results. This module generates multiple what-if scenarios using real-time data and historical information to make recommendations on which trade promotions will deliver the best results and drive Revenue Growth Management (RGM).
  • Merchandizing Analytics – This delivers insights on shoppers’ preferences and in-store activity to enable optimizing the product portfolio and making decisions on shelf space allocation and placement at a national, regional or store level.
  • Marketing Mix Analytics – This helps CPG companies optimize marketing and advertising spends at an aggregate level across various channels such as print, TV, radio, OOH and digital to maximize the impact on sales and revenue growth.
  • Digital Analytics – CPG consumers interact with multiple digital marketing touch-points on their decision making and purchase journey. This module delivers user-level insights into how various digital touch-points influenced consumers’ path-to-purchase, thereby enabling s more effective allocation of digital marketing budgets for sharper targeting.
  • Sales Forecasting – This module enables accurate forecasting of sales for existing and new products by region, store and SKU, allowing CPG companies to avoid stock-outs and ensure on-shelf availability of the right products in the right stores.

CPG Analytics Solution Benefits

  • Gain shopper insights
  • Optimize product assortments
  • Optimize pricing and promotions for Revenue Growth Management
  • Personalize consumer engagement
  • Maximize marketing ROI
  • Drive sales volume and revenue growth