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Measuring ROI of Sports Sponsorships

The month and a half long ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 finally concluded (in spectacular, nail-biting fashion!) a few weeks ago. The winners England walked away with a cool $4,000,000 in prize money while runners-up New Zealand pocketed $2,000,000 for their efforts. According to reports, the total prize money for the 2...

Delivering Stronger Marketing ROI with Marketing Mix Modeling

Consumer marketers today are faced with a multitude of choices ranging from traditional to digital and social media when trying to determine their optimal marketing and promotions mix. Marketing mix modeling is a proven tool to help optimize budget allocations to boost marketing Return on Investment (ROI) and growth, writes, Rahul Budhraja...

5 Trends Marketing Analytics Companies Should Be Preparing For

Rahul Budhraja, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Analytic Edge, talks about some interesting topics that keep cropping up in client conversations — unified Marketing Mix, upping the use of AI, the emergence of social listening, insistence on more real-time insights from marketing analytics and a re-thinking of how analytics firms should p...

Website And Mobile Analytics Concept

Skills to look for while hiring analytics talent

Analytics Brand

Two decades back, buzz word in the industry was to collect and store data to ensure valuable information is not undermined. However, today industry is seeing a paradigm shift of generating valuable insights from the stored data. The word “Analytics” is gaining prominence worldwide and experts are working hard to provide...

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“I Believe in GOD, for everything else I need DATA”. This phrase seems to be the mantra today across the globe. Information is made available at the most granular level. Intent to use the available information to serve mankind in the right manner is more philosophical (least to say) than technological. Recently, there was an interesting radio p...