Marketing analytics is the practice of analyzing, measuring and managing marketing performance in order to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI). A good understanding of marketing analytics and some of its key tools, techniques and methodologies can be an extremely useful asset for marketers, empowering them to be more efficient at their jobs and optimize performance.

Analytic Edge’s Analytics Academy offers applied marketing analytics education and training for marketing and sales team at corporates. Our management team and faculty have deep expertise and vast experience in the application of analytics for marketing decision-making. The training course and curriculum is customized to meet the specific needs of each corporate and industry and is delivered via a completely digital platform.



While the course content would vary depending on industry or corporate specific needs and priorities, these are some typical modules and topics included in the analytics training.

  • Foundational Statistics & Data Mining: Types of data, distributions, ANOVA, hypothesis, chi-square, data visualization, summarization
  • Applications of Analytics: FMCG, retail, e-commerce, telecom, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing
  • Analytics Tools: R, SAS, SPSS, Python, Excel
  • Digital Marketing & Media Planning: Web, social media, SEM & SEO, digital analytics, audience measurement
  • Marketing Analytics: Marketing Mix Modeling, pricing, promotions, campaign analytics, test & learn, digital data analytics, reporting
  • Customer Analytics: Segmentation, churn, loyalty, life time value, scoring, propensity scoring

Key Features & Benefits

  • Management team and faculty with deep expertise and wide industry experience
  • Rich digital platform to deliver training and support
  • Training content customized for each client and industry
  • Equip sales, marketing and other key functions with specific analytics expertise to enhance decision-making and improve business performance
  • Optimize team performance and business results